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Confession by lonerurouni187
I trust those of you who needed to made your confession today! Even in the rain! :P

I managed to squeeze in some time to do an original picture (non fanart). Haven't done it in a long time. :P
Dezel -TOZ- by lonerurouni187
Dezel -TOZ-
Dezel from Tales of Zestiria. I actually really don't care for his design, I think it's the weakest out of all of them. I think his weapon is lame too, but I can imagine it being fun to play as, oddly enough.
Alisha -TOZ- by lonerurouni187
Alisha -TOZ-
Our next human character in Tales of Zestiria is Alicia. Apparently she's a princess, but far from inheriting the throne due to her mother's social status. She decides to serve her country as a knight, and uses a lance.

I friggin' love lance users. They're just downright the coolest. Loni from Tales of Destiny 2 and Eugene from Rebirth were my favorites from those games. If I'm not mistaken, Alisha also has some shared arte names with Eugene. I'm hoping she is a mainstay in your party, since I'd totally main her.

Design wise, she's okay. You can't see it here, but she's got unnecessarily short shorts (or necessary....). Boy do I hate drawing armor though! xD
Mikleo -TOZ- by lonerurouni187
Mikleo -TOZ-
Tales of Zestiria comes out in about 6 days! I've been very excited about the game for a long time, and it's been getting some great reviews, which I'm glad to hear. I'm relatively busy, but I want to make some simple sketches for each main character leading up to the release. Today it's Mikleo, Sorey's (that damn name) childhood friend, and one of the Seraphs.

His character design is very Inomata, complete with a bunch of belts, shoulder pad thingies, and that Leon Magnus/Hubert-style edge to him, lol. Already had his personality nailed just based off his design and previous Inomata works, could be good or bad. Still, looking forward to how he acts against the rest of the party, plus I have love for all spell casters!
Tales of Zestiria -Sorey- by lonerurouni187
Tales of Zestiria -Sorey-
How about that name. lol I've been very inactive here, but maybe I'll treat it as a new start. I have been very tied down with schoolwork and things, so I haven't really had time to draw for myself once in a while. Since Tales of Zestiria is coming out in Japan in January, I figured I'd do some fanart of all the characters.

I'm super excited about this game, it'll be the second Team Destiny style game the Western audience will get officially, and it looks like it won't disappoint. I'm strongly considering importing it if possible, if the wait for the English one is ends up being a while.

Anyway, time to get this channel back in gear!
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**Point commission slots are now open!** I've changed up things accordingly.

I am doing only digital art right now, since its a lot quicker and easier to send. I will be open to traditional art commissions in the future when I get a scanner.


1. :iconcrooknook: (in progress)
2. Connor C: (in progress)

:points: POINT SLOTS :points:
1. -


*Finished Commissions*
:iconred-baby: :iconcrooknook: :iconfirekarst: :iconlisamcooper: :icondimunda: :iconjashiku: :iconcrooknook:


Line Arts

$10 or 800:points:

+$5 or 400:points: for every additional character

God General: Legretta by lonerurouni187 Beach Belldandy by lonerurouni187 Mira Maxwell -lineart- by lonerurouni187 Heaven x Earth by lonerurouni187 Seth and Trish Commission by lonerurouni187


$15~25 or 1,200~2,000:points:

- $15/1,200:points: Waist up
- $20/1,600:points: Full body
- $25/2,000:points: Full body w/ small environment

+$10/800:points: for every additional character

Vivi's Bomb Pumpkin by lonerurouni187 Philia Felice by lonerurouni187 Tear Grants -Silent Beauty- by lonerurouni187 Fire Emblem - Peaceful Three - by lonerurouni187


All sketches are $5 or 400:points:

Sketch Series by lonerurouni187 Autumn Chun-li by lonerurouni187



- Explicit Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri
- Mecha
- Furries

-I'm pretty flexible on most things (including yaoi/yuri/ecchi) so send a note with details and we'll see what I can do!


- OC's
- Fanart
- Pokemon Fanart
- One Piece Fanart
- 'Tales of' series fanart
- Most to any video game/anime fan art

Here's a link to my gallery and some example pics:…

-TOV- 2012 Year of the Water Dragon by lonerurouni187 Flower Woman by lonerurouni187 Sonic Speedpaint by lonerurouni187 :thumb285847437:

* Once again, just send note with details!!! ^^

***************Important Additional Info!***************
- Be as specific/detailed as you can. If you are requesting an OC, link me to images of him/her. If there are any reference images you think I need, link 'em. Or even if you don't have reference images, describe the OC(s) as best as possible.
- You're welcome to ask about the progress (d-don't flood me tho...)
- Once an agreement has been made, I'll continuously update this journal and the status of your artwork!

*After I finish the commission I will send you the original version of the commission and the .sai/.psd/etc files if you want . You can use my commission work for your personal purposes. ^^



Artist | Student
I am a traditional and (learning) digital artist, studying Drawing & Painting in college. I upload a lot of random fan art and original works, and sometimes school pieces I think are strong.

Always learning and trying to improve.

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